Custom Size Canvas (Premium Canvas)


  • Min: 4 in. / Max: 420 in.

    Min: 4 in. / Max: 38 in.

  • Choose Size & Frame Wrap Options


Enter any custom size canvas in inches and we’ll print it and ship it to you.

Custom Canvas Sizes with Decimals

You can enter sizes with decimals, too, like 12.3 inches by 47.2 inches, for example.

Canvas-Only Custom Sizes

Custom canvas sizes are not be framed, but will be printed as canvas-only, varnished, and shipped without framing.  You can easily frame your canvas yourself, or have someone local to you do it (you may even save money that way!)  If you would like us to also provide framing options for your custom canvas, your order must exceed $100 and you can contact us with your exact size requirements for us to give you an exact quote.

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