Premium Canvas versus Express Canvas – What’s the Difference?


Canvas Quality / Texture

Premium canvas has a smoother surface which looks stunning on photos and digital art prints.  Thicker heavyweight canvas.  Fine Art Archival grade canvas.

Express canvas texture is more coarse.

Print Quality

Premium uses premium HD archival inks.  Premium more vibrant and detailed

Stretcher Bars

1.5″ vs 0.75″ stretcher bars.  Premium has thicker 1.5inch stretcher bars similar to those of art galleries and museums.  Thicker stretcher bars provide a more elevated and class look.  

Museum Grade Fine Art Varnish

Premium canvases are protected with premium museum grade fine art varnish to protect it from yellowing and fading.  This extra step requires additional processing time to allow proper drying time between each process for optimium results.

Express canvases uses a proprietary process that does not require additional top coat to protect the print.  The result is faster processing time and lower cost.


Premium canvases are handcrafted and available for free in-store pickup for local customers.

Which canvas should I get, premium canvas or express canvas?

This will depend on what you are looking for, your budget, and your canvas needs.  Below are some considerations when choosing which one canvas line to get:

What image is being printed onto canvas?

If you are printing photos or digital art prints, Premium canvas is recommended.  Prints a La Mode premium canvas products are printed with HD inks and have multiple shades of black and grey, the result are prints that show exquisite detail and are stunningly colorful and vibrant.

If you are printing a quote, ie text onto a plain background, you may want to opt for the Express Canvas.

What is your budget for your custom canvas?

The Express canvas line us a great wallet-friendly option for those wanting a canvas print but don’t need all the bells and whistles of a premium canvas print.

When do you need the canvas by?

Premium canvas products take multiple days to produce and have longer processing times.  If you are a local customer, you are able to pickup the order in-store and save time and money on shipping costs.

Express canvases take less time to produce but will need to be shipped to you.  We offer expedited shipping options for those who wish to get their custom canvas orders sooner.